Valparaíso – 1 Full Day Tour

Valparaíso – 1 Full Day Tour

Walking through Valparaíso as a Porteño would do – 1 Full Day Tour



Our guide will pick you up from the place where you are staying in Santiago. From there, you will drive about an hour and a half to the historic and beautiful city of Valparaiso, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. The tour begins in the Sotomayor Square. From there, you will walk; use the “Trole”, gondolas and public transportation to travel the hills of the city, including the route of the immigrants who had a significant cultural and architectural influence in this unique port town. You will eat a tasty lunch in a local restaurant, and visit some of Valparaiso’s signature murals, viewpoints and local stores located in the famous Cordillera, Alegre and Concepcion Hills. After a great day living as a “Porteño,” our guide will take you back safely to your place of accommodation.

  • Modality: By car and by foot.
  • Duration: The tour lasts about 9 – 10 hours.
  • When starts? You can choose to start at 7:30am, 8am or 8:30am. Just let us know the best time for you.
  • Price: The cost is 100.000 CLP per person.  
  • Includes: Private Transport (Pick up and drop off at hotel located in Santiago), Walking Tour of 4 hours in Valparaíso, visit to Viña del Mar, Private Guide, Full Lunch and photography service.
  • What to bring? Sun block, a hat, a jacket and comfortable pair of shoes.

* This tour does not include entrance to the museums. In case you want to enter you must asked by email before the tour.

* The price per person for a group of 3 persons or more is 100,000 CLP. The price per person for 2 persons is 120,000 CLP and the price for just one person is 200,000 CLP..

*Trolley service does not operate on Sundays or holidays.


* All our services in City Trekking Guide are completely private. Therefore, we are able to adapt ourselves to all your needs during your tour experience.

* Valparaíso is considered a safe city. Nevertheless, basic precautions for visiting a big city like anywhere else in the world, should be taken into consideration. Therefore, we recommend you make sure you are not wearing any valuables such as expensive big watches, chains, bracelets, etc. during our tour. City Trekking Guide cannot be held responsible for any losses.