Puñihuil Penguins Natural Wonder – Full Day

Puñihuil Penguins Natural Wonder – Full Day

Puñihuil Penguins Natural Wonder



Our local guide will pick you up from your place of accommodation. From there you will start your full eco day trip where you will visit Ancud City and its historical areas. You will use a car and drive alongside the coast line 28kms westwards to the open sea on a twisty scenic road getting to the natural monument of Puñihuil the “pennguin land”. From there, you will navigate for 30 minutes to visit a colony that supports two species of penguins which are possible to sight in Chiloe Island: The Humboldt & Magellanic. As usual in every spring, we could also be lucky to see other species as: Sea lions, Chungungo (sea otter), among others. Afterwards, we will visit the top point on the Island at Lacuy Peninsula with its super views, beaches and the last Spanish Fort in South America from the first half of the 19th century (Ahui Fort). After this exciting experience, our guide will take you back safely to your place of accommodation.


  • Modality: By car and boat.
  • Duration: The tour lasts about 9 -10 hours.
  • When does it start? The tour starts at 9am. The tour will finish at 19:30 hrs. Approximately.
  • Price: __________ CLP per person.
  • Includes: Private transport, pick up and drop off in your hotel, Driver, Bilingual and local private guide, Snack, Penguin’s colony visit, and boat trip and photography service.
  • What to bring? Rainproof jacket, water bottle, Sun Block, a hat and swimming gear.


* All our services in City Trekking Guide are completely private. Therefore, we are able to adapt ourselves to all your needs during your tour experience.

* Chile is considered one of the safest countries on the continent. Nevertheless, basic precautions for visiting a foreign country , like anywhere else in the world, should be taken into consideration. Therefore, we recommend you make sure you are not wearing any valuables such as expensive big watches, chains, bracelets, etc. during our tour. City Trekking Guide cannot be held responsible for any losses.